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Victoria began her career as a filmmaker and then transitioned to painting and photography and it is in this marriage of cinematic movement and evocative stillness that her work resides. “Interludes” and “Rituals” are like stripping common objects of their intended and agreed upon meaning, she captures the representations of floating signifiers, and dislodges them from what is familiar and comforting, renames them in a nebula of space and light, and allows a new alchemy to give rise to new meanings.

"I am intrigued with pushing the comfort level of the way we trust our perceptions.  The constant in my work is my affinity for light and it’s ability to alter the context and content of what is seen.

Taking the initial photograph is a way to document the reality of an object that has an intrinsic resonance to it and inspires me to delete and imbue its presence with alternate viewpoints.

Working within the chemistry of the camera and computer, I manipulate the image to present a new truth. Giving and withholding information at the same time encourages the viewers of these works to operate out of their own intuition
rather than accept a programmed response."


- Victoria Faust



New York City


Yellow Springs, Ohio


School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA
Cleveland Art Institute, Cleveland OH


“Floating Signifiers" New York City, NY

 Wave Guide”, Fair Weather Gallery, University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA
Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA (2 exhibitions)
Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, MA (3 exhibitions)
University Art Museum, California State University, Long Beach CA
VanStraaten Gallery, Chicago IL
Harcus Krakow Gallery, Boston MA


“Cross Section”, Bromfield Art Gallery, Boston MA
“Techstasy: The Body & Technology” Thread Waxing Space, New York NY
“Photography”, Breda Museum, Breda, Holland
“Departure-Photography”, Hirschl & Adler Gallery, New York NY
“Age of Woman”, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York NY
“The Good and Evil”, Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York NY
“Shape-Shifting” Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York NY
“Tropical Topics”, Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art, Monterey CA
“Paintings”, Jan Turner Gallery, Los Angeles CA
“The Current landscape”, Felicita Foundation for the Arts, Los Angeles CA

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